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Woodburner Installation in Middle Chinnock near Yeovil

Woodburner installation in Middle Chinnock near Yeovil

This project involved installing an Arada Solution 5 Woodburner in Middle Chinnock, near Yeovil. The Solution 5 is an exceptionally well made 5kw multi-fuel, Defra approved woodburner and comes with a 10 year warranty. It has a wide firebox and can easily fit a 450mm log and has a large ash pan.

Woodburner Installation in Middle Chinnock near Yeovil

Chimney Pot and Hearth Installation

We replaced the broken chimney pot as the flexible flue liner hangs from the chimney pot cowl.

We also installed a 30mm thick slate hearth cut to size at the property after channelling out the wire under the slate for a TV cable.

Slate hearth are available in various standard sizes, a popular dimension being 1200 x 900. We can also install your titles on request.

Positioning Guidance of Carbon monoxide alarm

CO Alarm Positioning Guidance

We always installed a CO (carbon monoxide) alarm in the correct position as stated by HETAS.

See visual guide and click button below to view HETAS guidance on CO alarm installation.

Woodburner Supply & Installation Service

We can supply and install most brands of woodburners including Arada, Mendip Stoves, ACR Stoves, Charnwood, Ecosy, Saltfire, Clearview, Hunter, Stovax and many more…

Call us today on 07715 104420 for a FREE survey and No-obligation quote.

HETAS Woodburner Installer in Woolavington

HETAS Woodburner Installer in Woolavington

This woodburning stove installation project invovled removing the old open fire and enlarging the recess to fit a new wood burner and slate hearth.

Fireplace Renovation Before

We initially removed the fireboard surround and fireback and installed a concreate lintel before excavating the recess. During this process we found the face of the chimney had a lot of bricks missing inside and therefore we replaced the missing bricks to protect the external wood surround from the heat of the flue.

Wood burner installation in Woolavington Before

Fireplace Renovation After

We enlarged the recess and fire boarded the sides and top to provide a tidy finish and protect against heat. We left the brickwork at the rear exposed as requested by the client and installed a slate hearth. We resized the original fireboard surround to fit the larger recess and painted it before installing the wood burner.

Wood burner installation in Woolavington After

Fireplace Hearth & Combustibles

We considered and calculate the hearth dimensions and distance to combustibles from stove to the wood surround before proceeding with this woodburner installation in Woolavington.

The old tiled hearth overlaid on concreate base rather than the floorboards. Therefore, a new slate hearth would be required to cover the exposed concreate constructional hearth once tiles were removed. We cut the slate hearth from a 1200 x 900 piece at the property and oil to a dark sheen.

As HETAS woodburner installers we have to adhere to HETAS and stove manufactures manual in reference to the distance to combustibles required from the woodburner’s sides, top and vitreous pipe.

We fire boarded the sides and top of the recess and positioned the woodburner back in recess to conform to these regulations.

The customer can now be assured the installation exceeds HETAS stringent requirements.

Call 07715 104420 if you’re looking for a wood burner installer in Woolavington.

Installation of Hunter Inglenook Woodburner in Dunster on Exmoor

Installation of Hunter Inglenook Woodburner in Dunster Cottage

It’s a heavy woodburner weighing in at 175kg and is quite large allowing a log length of 500mm.
The Hunter Inglenook is available with both a high and low canopy and also in 2 power outputs.
This is the low output 7.3 kw model and there’s also a 10.2kw high output model available.
The low output stove is rated 78.4% efficient for burning wood which is very good for such a large stove.
The back of the oak beam is heat shielded to protect from heat and adhere to HETAS regulations.

We can supply and install this Hunter Inglenook anywhere in Exmoor and Somerset.

If you have any questions please call.

Installation of Hunter Inglenock Woodburning Stove in Dunster near Minehead

SIA Approved Woodburner Suppliers and Installers

SIA Woodburning Stoves Suplier and Installer in Somersetset
SIA Woodburning Stoves Efficiency Graph

SIA Woodburning Stoves Supplier and Installers in Somerset

Burning wood produces particulate matter (PM) but the amount produced depends on how the wood is burnt. Independent research conducted by Kiwa Gastec on behalf of the SIA has shown that SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves can reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80% compared to an old stove.

Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions. It is due to come into force for stoves in the UK in 2022.
SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves will meet the Ecodesign requirements and are available now. The PM emissions limit for Ecodesign is 55% lower than for Defra exempt stoves.

Ecodesign Ready stoves are also very efficient; 4% more efficient than required under current regulations. The chart above illustrates the improvement in efficiency compared to a stove manufactured 10 years ago, typically 65%, and an open fire with an efficiency of 30%.

To qualify for the SIA Ecodesign label a stove must have been independently tested by an approved test lab and met the emissions and minimum efficiency criteria for Ecodesign. The test results must be verified by HETAS. The stove will then be listed on the HETAS web site. As it is an SIA sponsored label, it can only
be applied to SIA member stoves.

Is my fireplace large enough?

Wood burning recess requirementsOften we find customer fireplaces are too small for a typical sized woodburning stove. Therefore, the fireplace generally requires enlarging to provide the 150mm clearance required around the sides and back of most woodburning stoves. (this can be reduced depending on model of stove) Make sure your woodburner is at least 300mm from any combustible materials, such as a wood fireplace surround or mantel.

A majority of customers want their woodburner close to the back of the fireplace recess. The minimum distance is normally 150mm although this can be reduced on some stoves, please refer to manufacture specifications for minimum distances.

Wood mantels need to have a minimum distance away from vitreous pipe, this is 3 x the diameter of the vitreous pipe. You can reduce this distance by installing a heat shield to back of the wooden mantel. This will reduce the distance to 1.5 x diameter of vitreous pipe.

Always ask a professional builder to enlarge your fireplace and ensure a supportive lintel is in place.

Always make sure you use a non combustible hearth of at least 12mm thick.

Please see diagram as a guide.

Avoid the Autumn Rush!

Avoid the Autumn rush and book your HETAS stove installation appointment today

With recent warm weather it’s no wonder people aren’t thinking too much about winter heating. However, now is the time if you want to install a wood burning stove. Due to high autumn demands for we are already placing bookings in November and availability is filling up fast.

To avoid disappointment please call to arrange a free no obligation survey and book in your wood burning stove installation.

Which Fuel?

Which fuel should I use for my wood burner?

Burning wood has a significant less environmental impact compared to fossil fuels and burning wood releases the same amount of CO2 then it would produced if the log was left to naturally decompose in the woods. Wood can also be transported easier and requires less processing and there are huge resources of wood in the UK, thanks to properly managed woodlands.

Many customers think they need a multi-fuel stove, although most only ever burn wood.

Why is log moisture content & wood density so important?

There are 2 elements which you need to consider when purchasing fuel for your wood burning stove, both will make a significant affect on the calorific value (CV) of your fuel.

  • Moisture content
  • Wood density

Wood with a moisture content of more than 25% could result in poor combustion and result in an performing stove together with creosote build-up in your chimney. We provide a moisture meter with every new stove installation so you can check your suppliers log moisture content before purchasing.

You may have a choice of  hard wood or soft wood logs. Hardwood logs are generally more dense and burn longer and generally are a more popular choice.

What are Seasoned logs?

You will hear the term ‘seasoned’ often when purchasing logs. Logs can contain 50% water when initially cut so need drying before burning or ‘seasoning’ to reduce the moister content to 15%-20%. Some woods need many seasons to fully dry, so use your moisture meter to check water content before you purchase.

Which wood burning stove?

You may have you heart set on a particular style of stove, but we recommend you clarify with your stove supplier and a Hetas installer that the stove is suitable for your environment.

Rule 1: Always ask a Hetas Installer to view your fireplace before purchasing a stove, so they can advise on the following:

  • Room ventilation – It’s vital to provide stove with enough air
  • Hearth size, thickness and material type
  • Power of stove required in Kw
  • Location of combustible materials
  • Flue type required

Wood Burning Stove Power Output

Installing a wood burning stove that generates too much heat or too little can be an expensive mistake and we have replaced many wood burning stoves installed by other unregistered Hetas installers, as they are commonly too powerful and can’t be used without opening windows, which may affect airflow to the stove.

It is essential to select a stove that has a power output and good heat control ability which best suit your requirements. There are a number of factors to consider below to assist with choosing a stove with the correct power output for your property. A comfortable room temperature for most people is 21°C in a living room and 18°C in hallways, kitchens, bedrooms etc. These temperatures should be achievable from your stove without excessive fuel consumption.

Stove Purchasing Considerations

  1. The age of the property – Older properties are generally less insulated
  2. The cubic volume of the room – Calculated by Length x Width x Height
  3. The number of doors and windows, are they kept open?
  4. Is there stairs in the room allowing heat to escape?
  5. Is there additional ventilation or do you like to keep a window open?
  6. Personal heat preferences. Elderly people may prefer a warmer temperature
  7. Exposed locations. Is your property exposed to elements? i.e Exmoor or Quantock Hills?
  8. How often do you have to refuel the stove and location of fuel storage?
    Many stoves have to be fueled every 45mins, although some stoves have a much longer refueling time.
  9. Never buy a stove without a CE mark as it’s illegal to install in England.

Wood Burner Stove Fuels

Fuel choice is an important consideration, including budgets, age and storage etc. Most wood burners have about a 75% wood burning efficiency and is more sustainable then coal. Coal generates more CO2 than wood, although smokeless coals produce less particles and can be very convenient for longer burns.

Please call us, if you have any questions or concerns about choosing a wood burner,
Our Hetas installers will happily discuss and visit your premises if requested.

Our next blog post is on fuel choice and common misconceptions regarding log types.