Installation of Inset woodburning stove in Glastonbury

On occasion we can’t enlarge a fireplace for a free standing woodburner due to the construction of the chimney breast. In this scenario we found the legs of the chimney breast to be full of rubble and therefore no solid brick to support the chimney if we removed the inner bricks. The only option was to install a inset stove / cassette stove, thereby making the recess smaller.

We often install the ACR T400 5kw inset stove due to its sleek design and quality construction. The ACR T400 inset stove is a multifuel stove rated at 5kw and produces up to 6.5kw, so ideal for most properties.

Inset Cassette Woodburnig stove installation Glastonbury-before
Inset cassette woodburnig stove installation Glastonbury completed

What is an inset or cassette stove?

An inset stove (also known as an insert stove) is a type of stove that sits within a recess in a wall or fireplace. It’s designed as a metal box, with the front face flush or nearly flush with the wall. This seamless look contrasts with traditional freestanding stoves.

You’ll often hear inset stoves referred to as ‘hole in the wall’ stoves. They save space and are ideal for modern, contemporary aesthetics. Additionally, some inset stoves use a ‘cassette’ design, which slots neatly into existing fireplaces or wall openings without requiring major construction work.

A cassette stove is essentially an inset stove with an additional layer of metal around the firebox, creating an air gap. This design allows air to flow in near the bottom and circulate as heated air back into the room. Both types offer practical benefits and a sleek appearance!

Inset stoves offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for homeowners:

Space-Saving Design:

Inset stoves fit seamlessly into a recess within a wall or fireplace, creating a sleek and minimalist look.
They save space compared to traditional freestanding stoves, making them ideal for smaller rooms or modern interiors.

Efficiency Boost:

If you’re upgrading from an open fireplace, inset stoves provide significantly greater heat efficiency.
Their design ensures better heat distribution and retention, maximizing warmth while minimizing fuel consumption.

Stylish Integration:

Inset stoves create a clean, streamlined appearance. Only the front face is visible, eliminating the need for side views.
They enhance the room’s aesthetics, especially in contemporary or minimalist settings.

Flexible Installation:

Many inset stoves use a ‘cassette’ design, allowing them to slot into existing fireplaces or wall openings without major construction work.
They don’t require a full inglenook opening, simplifying installation.

DEFRA-Approved and ClearSkies Options:

DEFRA-approved inset stoves can be used in smoke control areas.
Some models feature a clearSkies rating, ensuring eco-friendliness and compliance with emissions standards.
In summary, if you want efficient heating without sacrificing style or space, an inset stove is an excellent choice

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