Enhancing Your Fireplace: Woodburner installers in Burnham-on-Sea

Our customer had specific requirements for their fireplace, including extending its height, installing a slate hearth, and adding an oak-effect mantel. Here’s how we achieved it:

Lintel Replacement:

  • Initially, we removed and replaced the concrete lintel above the fireplace recess. This adjustment ensured better proportions for the overall design.
  • The concrete mantel was then installed to meet HETAS & building regulations, overlapping at least 150mm on each side of the recess.

Balanced Design:

  • Approximately 300mm of vitreous pipe was positioned above the woodburner. This choice created visual balance and harmony.
  • The stove itself protrudes from the recess using two 45-degree bends, allowing for an essential air gap around the stove for optimal efficiency.

Slate Hearth Installation:

  • We supplied and expertly installed a Brazilian slate hearth, custom-cut to fit perfectly in the customer’s space.
  • Slate is an excellent material for hearths due to its timeless appearance and ease of cleaning and maintenance.
Woodburner installers in Burnham-on-Sea, fireplace enlargements and renovations
Woodburner installers in Burnham-on-Sea, fireplace enlargements and renovations

Woodburner installers in Burnham-on-Sea

Finishing Touches:

  • Inside the recess, we fire-boarded for a completely flat and tidy finish. This surface can be painted directly or tiled before final installation.
  • The customer chose the Clovelly oak-effect concrete mantel, which we installed above the fireplace recess. Our stock includes various popular mantels, exclusively available to our customers.

Transparent Pricing and Standard Inclusions:

  • Our installation quotes cover all materials and labour, with no hidden costs.
  • Every installation is signed off with a HETAS certificate.
  • Standard features include a flexible liner, chimney cowl, CO2 alarm, and galvanized steel registration plate.

Efficiency and Convenience:

  • We can enlarge your fireplace, install a slate hearth, and set up a woodburner—all in just one day, saving you time and hassle.
  • Our woodburning stoves meet the new SIA stove industry association 2022 regulations and are DEFRA approved.

Contact Us:

  • If you’re in Burnham-on-Sea, explore our range of woodburning stoves in stock.
  • For free stove installation surveys, call, text, or WhatsApp your inquiry to 07715104420 for a quick, no-obligation quote.