Landlord & Tenant Woodburner Installers in Chard

We were asked by a landlord to install an old Villager Chelsea Duo woodburner in a cottage in Chard, near Ilminster. As Hetas installers we can reinstall old woodburners and provide a HETAS certificate, but only until the new SIA regulations are enforced in 2022. In 2022 we will only be able to install a woodburner if it complies with new SIA regulations.

Many customers are on a budget and want to install a second hand stove or recycle an old woodburner, although we always recommend a new more efficient stove which produces less particulates and reduce fuel.

There were several issues with the stove and installation, which we needed to resolve in order to provide a HETAS certificate on completion.

  • Supply & installed new door glass seals

  • Install new handle on ask pan

  • Seal cover plate on rear of stove

  • Add a heat shield on rear of oak mantel

  • Supply and install a new chimney pot

We are required to install a 6” flexible flue liner as the woodburner is an old non-Defra stove. We also installed a chimney pot in order to hang the liner from the chimney cowl.

We changed the old fragile fireboard registration plate with new galvanised steel and replaced the vitreous pipe and other components.

There is a wide range of good value, low cost woodburners which meet the new SIA regulations including the wood only Ecosy Panoramic which we sale for £599 or the Ecosy multi-fuel Snug for £575.

If you are looking for a woodburner installer in Chard and require a free survey and no-obligation quote, please call us on 07715 104420.