Woodburner installation with Twinwall Chimney System in North Petherton

This project involved installing a woodburning stove in a 1980’s property in North Petherton using a twinwall chimney system.

One of the benefits of using a twinwall chimney system is that they can normally be positioned in one of multiple locations wihtin a room and can be either be flued internally within rooms above or externally through the wall. We generally centralise the stove against a wall for balance unless the customer has opted for the corner of a room.

Woodburner installation with Twinwall Chimney System in North Petherton

External Twinwall Chimney System Process

We initially lay the hearth and position the stove before offering up the flue off the top in order to determine the location of the hole through the wall. Once in position and marked, we drill through the wall at 45 degrees to locate where the flue will exit externally.

We then enlarge the hole through the wall and install the twinwall flue within a protective wall sleeve. The main support bracket is fixed to the exterior wall, which supports the chimney system and the 135 degree T-piece is attached to it.

Once level, we continue to add lengths of twinwall and supporting brackets up the property and working around any roof soffits with a couple of 45 degree bends.

We generally opt for the powder black chimney system and use a anti downdraft cowl to protect against high winds.

You will notice we removed a square of plasterboard from behind the stove in order to adhere to HETAS specifications regarding distance to combustibles.

No Chimney, No problem.

If you want a woodburner, but don’t have a chimney then don’t worry. A twinwall chimney stystem may be the solution for you.

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