Wood burning recess requirementsOften we find customer fireplaces are too small for a typical sized woodburning stove. Therefore, the fireplace generally requires enlarging to provide the 150mm clearance required around the sides and back of most woodburning stoves. (this can be reduced depending on model of stove) Make sure your woodburner is at least 300mm from any combustible materials, such as a wood fireplace surround or mantel.

A majority of customers want their woodburner close to the back of the fireplace recess. The minimum distance is normally 150mm although this can be reduced on some stoves, please refer to manufacture specifications for minimum distances.

Wood mantels need to have a minimum distance away from vitreous pipe, this is 3 x the diameter of the vitreous pipe. You can reduce this distance by installing a heat shield to back of the wooden mantel. This will reduce the distance to 1.5 x diameter of vitreous pipe.

Always ask a professional builder to enlarge your fireplace and ensure a supportive lintel is in place.

Always make sure you use a non combustible hearth of at least 12mm thick. Some stoves can be installed on just a superimposed hearth as the temperature of the hearth doesn’t exceed 100 degrees.

Specifications do change periodically so check both the HETAS website and building regulations document J.

Please see diagram as a guide.