This project involved installing a twinwall chimney system and a Mendip Churchhill 5kw convection woodburner with Log store in a property in Netherstowey near Bridgwater.

The Mendip Churchill convection 5kw woodburner with log store is the perfect stove for heating a large room or multiple rooms due to its unique convection heating system. This convection stove draws air in through the gaps around the body of the stove and then circulates the air back outwards. Whereas most wood burners use radiant heat, which projected in straight lines from the stove body and generally heats the area within close proximity. Another key aspect to this convection woodburner is the small distance to combusibles, which for the Mendip stove is only 100mm off the back and sides of the stove.

Mendip Stoves also offer the larger 9.5kw ‘Churchill 10’ woodburner for larger open plan or timber frame rooms, these woodburners come with a 10 year warrenty and is one of our favourite brands of woodburner due to customers ease of use and build quality.

Mendip Churchill Woodburner Installation in Netherstowey, near Bridgwater
Twinwall chimney system for woodburner in Netherstowey

This property was built before 2008 and therefore doesn’t require any additonal ventilation for a 5kw Mendip Churchill convection woodburner. However, the larger ‘Churchill 10’ has a 9.5kw nominal heat output, so would require addtional ventilation. Addtional ventilation generally consists of coring a hole through the wall and installing a ventilation kit.

A log store gives more presence to the woodburner, especially if positioned centrally along a wall and also eliminates the need for a addtional log basket or wood store if space is limited in a corner of room. We supplied and installed a black Brazillian slate hearth and cut to fit the width and depth required in order to minimise the hearth size.

We always use a black powdered twinwall chimney system to visually compliment the woodburner, while it also reduses the chance of rust or water stains and increases the visual longevity when compared to a stainless steel chrome twinwall system.

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