Which wood burning stove?

You may have you heart set on a particular style of stove, but we recommend you clarify with your stove supplier and a Hetas installer that the stove is suitable for your environment.

Rule 1: Always ask a Hetas Installer to view your fireplace before purchasing a stove, so they can advise on the following:

  • Room ventilation – It’s vital to provide stove with enough air
  • Hearth size, thickness and material type
  • Power of stove required in Kw
  • Location of combustible materials
  • Flue type required

Wood Burning Stove Power Output

Installing a wood burning stove that generates too much heat or too little can be an expensive mistake and we have replaced many wood burning stoves installed by other unregistered Hetas installers, as they are commonly too powerful and can’t be used without opening windows, which may affect airflow to the stove.

It is essential to select a stove that has a power output and good heat control ability which best suit your requirements. There are a number of factors to consider below to assist with choosing a stove with the correct power output for your property. A comfortable room temperature for most people is 21°C in a living room and 18°C in hallways, kitchens, bedrooms etc. These temperatures should be achievable from your stove without excessive fuel consumption.

Stove Purchasing Considerations

  1. The age of the property – Older properties are generally less insulated
  2. The cubic volume of the room – Calculated by Length x Width x Height
  3. The number of doors and windows, are they kept open?
  4. Is there stairs in the room allowing heat to escape?
  5. Is there additional ventilation or do you like to keep a window open?
  6. Personal heat preferences. Elderly people may prefer a warmer temperature
  7. Exposed locations. Is your property exposed to elements? i.e Exmoor or Quantock Hills?
  8. How often do you have to refuel the stove and location of fuel storage?
    Many stoves have to be fueled every 45mins, although some stoves have a much longer refueling time.
  9. Never buy a stove without a CE mark as it’s illegal to install in England.

Wood Burner Stove Fuels

Fuel choice is an important consideration, including budgets, age and storage etc. Most wood burners have about a 75% wood burning efficiency and is more sustainable then coal. Coal generates more CO2 than wood, although smokeless coals produce less particles and can be very convenient for longer burns.

Please call us, if you have any questions or concerns about choosing a wood burner,
Our Hetas installers will happily discuss and visit your premises if requested.

Our next blog post is on fuel choice and common misconceptions regarding log types.