Bungalow Fireplace Renovation and woodburner installation.

This project involves removing an existing dated fire surround and renovating the fireplace in order to install a woodburner.

We thoroughly sheeted up the room and removed the dated fire surround before excavating the fireplace recess. We couldn’t increase the width of the recess due to construction of fireplace opening, although we increased the height by using a new lintel cut to fit.

Completed fireplace renovation and woodburner installation
Fireplace before removal and renovation

Before Fireplace Knockout

Fireplace before removal and renovation

Installing Lintel & Hearth

Fireplace before removal and renovation

Ready for Installation

We then installed a Brazilian slate hearth cut to fit at the property, before adding metal beading around the edge of recess ready for rendering. We find rendering the back and sides or the recess with sand and cement the best material to cope with the heat from woodburner.

Finding the Right Stove for Your Property

The Ecosy Hampton 5kw Wood only woodburner was the ideal stove for this installation, allowing good air flow around the woodburner. The wooden handle, smart looks and great price makes it a popular choice for many situations and meets DEFRA and new SIA regulations,which were enforced in January 2022

Ecosy+ Hampton 5
2022 Eco Design Ready 
Height 500mm, 19.68 inches
Width: 420mm, 16.53 inches
Depth: 335mm 13.18 inches
Over 84% efficient
Woodburning only
Ecosy Hampton SIA Approved Woodburner

Many clients request a oak effect ceramic mantel, which allows us to float closer to the woodburner then most wooden oak beams. We generally have the Clovelly and Telford oak mantels in stock, click here for more information.

The entire wall was to be plastered and therefore we bonded and prepared the area ready for plastering.

We can complete most stove renovations within a day due to our experience.

If you’re looking to renovate your fireplace in Bridgwater or Somerset area, then call us on 07715 104420 for a free no-obligation survey and quote.