Twinwall Chimney Installation for Woodburner in Bungalow in Taunton

We’ve found convection stoves to be an excellent solution to heating an open plan bungalow due to the way the heat is circulated compared to general radiant stoves.

Radiant stoves heat the air in direct lines close to the woodburner, whereas convection stoves draws and the air around the woodburner whist  releasing the warmed air in a circular motion and are ideal for heating large spaces or multiple rooms.

We supplied, cut and fitted this Brazilian slate hearth to meet both regulations and reduce the trip hazard by the door. There’s a range of alternative hearths are available including glass and granite, but slate is more flexible to cut and has a timeless quality.

Westfire 45 Uniq with twinwall chimney system
Exterior twinwall chimney system for woodburner in Taunton

One key benefit of using a twinwall system is the flexibility of where you can locate the woodburner in your property, although we often have to make adjustments to rafters in roof to allow for a direct route of twinwall system. We always use the powdered black twinwall system as it doesn’t stain as easily over time and is less obtrusive.

The telescopic support arms add additional strength and allows for increased height of the twinwall system. This improves the performance and draw of the stove and assists in getting the flue gases as high as possible and away from potential interference to neighbours.

I use premium components including lead slate flashing and anti-downdraft cowl to reduce any potential issues with draw and water ingress.

The choice of convection stoves in the market is limited, but our favorites which we can supply are the Westfire Uniq 45 and The Mendip Stoves Churchill and Woodland convection woodburners.

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