This woodburner installation project involved removing an existing hearth and wood mantel before installing a new powdered black twinwall system in an old oak barn property in Fiddington, near Nether Stowey.

No Chimney?… Why not use a Twinwall Chimney System?

We enjoy the challenge of installing a woodburner in these old properties. Often the loft space is limited or compromised, so finding a route for the twinwall chimney can be difficult due to distances to combustibles from the twinwall to oak rafters and joists. We used a quick release adjustable starter length of twinwall off the top of the woodburner to allow easy removal and installation.

Woodburner twinwall installation Fiddington, Nether Stowey Completed
Woodburner twinwall installation Fiddington, Nether Stowey Exterior
Woodburner twinwall installation Fiddington, Nether Stowey-finished

We removed both the existing slab hearth stones and raised brickwork before laying a new Brazillian slate hearth and then installed a Ecosy Panoramic multi-fuel woodburner.

Twinwall Chimney Systems are Perfect if you want a Woodburner, but have no chimney.

We generally always use a powder black twinwall throughout the system with lead flashing and storm collar when exiting a roof. The twinwall components were clamped in place in the loft space with both a raft and roof support and the system reached a minimum of 4.5m for recommend flue height, before caging the system with a mesh to protect from other loft elements touching the twinwall. We used a structural locking band to increase strength of the flue system when adjoining the final 1.5m of flue.

We supplied both the slate hearth and Ecosy Panoramic multi-fuel stove 5kW , SIA Approved Woodburner. We keep a lot of stoves in stock and take time to advise customer’s on the best stove for their situation.

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