Greymetal Woodburner and Twinwall Chimney Installer in Langport

We are HETAS installers and specialise in twinwall chimney systems installations in properties within Langport and Curry Rival area. This project involved installing a low cost free standing cylindrical woodburner in Langport called the Arctic 5, which is made by Greymetal based in Chester.

We were required to use a 6” twinwall chimney system, due the the spigot on the back of the woodburner also being 6”. HETAS state you can never use a twinwall system smaller the spigot on woodburner as would reduce the performance of the twinwall system.

We used a total of four 45 degree twinwall bends to avoid a couple of obstacles outside the property. A total of three twinwall support brackets were used to fix the twinwall system to the property in order to provide adequate strength in high winds. We also used a twinwall anti-downdraft cowl to reduce downdraft as the property was in a high position on a hill. The entire system was coated in powder black rather than stainless steel to reduce visual impact and reflective potential.

Twinwall chimney installers in Langport and Curry Rival
Twinwall chimney installers in Langport and Curry Rival

The Arctic 5 kW grey, smoke exempt, multi-fuel woodburning stove is one of the cheapest cylindrical woodburners on the market. The 5kw output would make it a common choice for many households as will heat a good size space and doesn’t require an air vent in properties built before 2008.

We also supplied and installed a slate hearth. Our local builder Brendon Ahern shaped this slate on site by curving off the corners  in order to reduce the risk of the slate being a trip hazard near a door. We can provide all sizes or slate and stone hearths.

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