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Internal Twinwall Installation of Mendip Churchill 8 Woodburner in Upton, near Dulverton The original chimney had been removed at ridge height from this old stone building and therefore the installation required a combination of flexible flue liner and twinwall in order to pass safely through the timber rafters. The chimney was a solid stone construction, so we connected a flexible liner to twinwall about 1m from the top of the roof in order to keep well outside the distances to combustibles. In the illustration below. We used 2 x 45 degree twinwall bends to navigate past the ridge and exit through the slate roof in the best position. As we were within 600mm of the ridge, HETAS regulations state the twinwall must extend at least 600mm above the ridge. The property in Upton was in a exposed location and so we installed a anti-down draft cowl to protect the flue gases from high winds and reducing the risk of blow back into the room.

Woodburner Installer in Upton
Recent woodburning stove installations

New SIA approved woodburners tend to keep the smoke in the firebox for longer periods for a secondary burn of the gases in order to reduce emmisions. However, we have found that occasion you need to increase the height of the twinwall system to improve draw from the stove.

We can supply a Mendip 8 Convection SIA approved Woodburner, which is a excellent stove with a 10 year warranty. The Mendip 8 Convection woodburner requires at least 300mm hearth in front of its curved door and with its convection capability is a excellent choice for larger spaces or old drafty buildings.

The Mendip 8 Convection woodburner is rated at 7.5 Kw so it required a permanent air vent through the wall. HETAS state we require 550mm2 of air for each 1kw above the 5kw limited if the property was built before 2008. Therefore, we required 550 x 2.5 mm2 of air = 1375mm2. We decided to core a hole through the wall and we installed an anti insect vent on the exterior in order to comply to regulations.

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