HETAS Woodburning Stove installers in Edington near Bridgwater.

This project involved installing a New Ecosy Snug woodburner to replace an existing old stove in a bungalow in Edington near Bridgwater.

HETAS Woodburning Stove installers in Edington near Bridgwater.

Ecosy Snug Woodburner Installation in Edington near Bridgwater

We are HETAS woodburner installers and supplied and installed an Ecosy Snug woodburner as they as so popular and a great all round stove. The 5kw Ecosy Snug woodburner is multi-fuel, Defra approved for use in smoke controlled areas and SIA approved. The SIA approval means it meets the new air quality regulations due to be enforced in 2022. Any woodburner sold during or after 2022 will have to be SIA compliant.

Sweeping Chimney Access

The fireplace recess was quite large and so we used a rear adaptor connected to the rear of the woodburner in order to bring the stove into the room more. Therefore, more heat will transfer into the room rather than circulating in thehetas recess. The rear adaptor is designed to be swept through, making it easy to sweep in the future. We suggest you sweep your chimney at least once a year if burning wood only and at least twice a year if burning coal throughout the year.

The chimney was sealed off from the room with a steel registration plate, so to reduce soot and dust entering the room from the chimney. The woodburner connects to a flexible flue liner and is supported by the bird cowl on the chimney pot, this makes the whole system a sealed unit for your safety.

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