Installation of Hunter Inglenook Woodburner in Dunster Cottage

It’s a heavy woodburner weighing in at 175kg and is quite large allowing a log length of 500mm.
The Hunter Inglenook is available with both a high and low canopy and also in 2 power outputs.
This is the low output 7.3 kw model and there’s also a 10.2kw high output model available.
The low output stove is rated 78.4% efficient for burning wood which is very good for such a large stove.
The back of the oak beam is heat shielded to protect from heat and adhere to HETAS regulations.

We can supply and install this Hunter Inglenook anywhere in Exmoor and Somerset.

If you have any questions please call.

Installation of Hunter Inglenock Woodburning Stove in Dunster near Minehead