HETAS Woodburner Internal Twinwall Chimney System Installers in Bridgwater

This project involved installing an internal twinwall chimney system for a woodburner in a bungalow in Bridgwater. There was no existing chimney and our customer wanted a woodburner positioned in the corner of the lounge.

HETAS Twinwall chimney installers in Bridgwater

We initially provided a free survey in order to discuss and plan the best route for the twinwall chimney system through the property. We used professional powder black coated twinwall throughout the system including an anti downdraft cowl to protect flue draw from strong winds. Lead flashing and a storm collar was used to weather in the twinwall system. A twinwall chimney system must be a minimum of 4.5m in height from the top of the woodburner unless stated in stove manual.

The customers’ curved glass corner hearth determined the position of the stove, so we had to make some minor modifications to rafters in order to achieve the 50mm distance to combustibles from twin wall flue. Our experienced builder Brendon Ahern helped with buildling modifications and twinwall installation.

Glass hearths are available in different shapes and styles, which look great for a modern contemporary look.

We used white cover plate to hide the vented ceiling vent, which allows the air to circulate. The system was secured with 3 support brackets and caged in, which acts as a barrier to protect the twinwall system from any loft items touching it.

We used an adjustable starter length of twinwall which will allow the stove to be removed easily without deconstructing the whole system as stated by HETAS. The stove can be swept through the woodburner by removing the baffle plate. We suggest using a qualified chimney sweep for your piece of mind and acquire a sweep certificate as sometimes required for rental properties or when selling.

We installed a DEFRA approved Arada Solution 5 woodburner, a great quality woodburner with a 10 year warranty.

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