HETAS Mendip Woodland Convection Woodburner Installers in Burnham-on-Sea

The Mendip Woodland convection woodburner is one of best 5kw multi-fuel SIA approved stoves on the market, so popular you may need to order one months in advance,

Mendip Woodland Convectjon Woodburner Installation Burnham-on-Sea
Mendip Woodland Convectjon Woodburner Installation Burnham-on-Sea

Why is the Mendip Woodland woodburner so popular?

This Mendip Woodland convection stove ticks all the boxes when choosing a woodburner. Perfectly proportioned with stunning looks and weighing in at 110kg, this quality constructed stove has hidden hinges, large glass window and looks great with convection side panels. The wide body fills a chimney recess and the firebox allows for a 300mm log, As HETAS woodburner installers we are always pleased to see adjustable stove feet allowing us to level and secure the stove on an uneven hearth.

What is the difference between a convection woodburner and non-convection (radiant) woodburner?

Radiant Woodburners

Most woodburners provide radiant heat into a room. The stove gets hot and heat is radiated directly out towards anything within its line of sight. As HETAS woodburner installers we have to adhere to the distance to combustible stated in stove manuals, which vary with every stove.

Convection Woodburners

Convection woodburners draw cool air into the side panels, circulating around the stove and expelling warm air out. This convection process improves circulation of heat into a room reducing cold spots and is better suited to heating adjoining rooms.

The convection stove exterior side panels stay relatively cool and allows the Mendip Woodland convection woodburner to be installed within 100mm of combustible materials, Ideal, if you have a wood surround or mantel to consider. In addition this convection panels makes the stove safer, if accidentally touched by children,

The Mendip Woodland woodburner is A+ energy rated and is very efficient for both wood and coal and fully compliant with SIA Eco-Design Regulations for 2022.

Don’t worry if you require more heat output. There is the Mendip Woodland large stove providing 7-8kws of heat.

You can purchase Mendip Woodland stoves direct from ‘Stoves and Fuels‘, official suppliers showroom in Minehead.

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