HETAS Woodburner Installers in Nether Stowey

The project involved installing a Stockton 5 woodburner in the village of Nether Stowey, next to Over Stowey

We supplied, cut on site and installed a new slate hearth to cover the existing loose rubble and brickwork.

A new chimney pot and chimney cowl were supplied and installed for the flexible liner to hang from. The liner is then connected to the adaptor, vitreous pipe and in turn to the woodburner. This creates a sealed unit from the woodburner to the top of the chimney cowl, expelling gases safety into the atmosphere and reducing smoke and soot smells back in the room.

HETAS Woodburner Installers in Nether Stowey

This small inglenook fireplace had a common problem of a oak beam too close to the vitreous pipe. So we heat shielded the oak beam on the reverse with fireboard with a 12mm gap between the oak beam. The distance combustibles from the vitreous pipe to combustibles should exceed 3 x the diameter of the viterous pipe, which in this case was 125mm. Therefore, 3 x 125mm = 375mm. However, this can be halved to 188 approx with a heat shield.

The Stockton 5 4.9kw woodburner is available as wood only or multi fuel and is up to 85% efficient. It’s a popular choice for many customers over the years and available in several colours with a choice of door options. A smoke control kit can be added to use in smoke control area.

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