Woodburner Installation using External Twinwall Chimney System in Cotford St Luke, Taunton.

Many properties in this popular village location of Cotford St Luke do not have a chimney as standard. Therefore residents can consider a twinwall chimney system as the solution when wanting a woodburner installed.

woodburner installer using twinwall chimney systems Cotford St Luke
woodburner installer using twinwall chimney systems Cotford St Luke

The main benefit of a twinwall chimney system is you can positionthe stove if various locations within a room, including as the centre or corner of a room or generally wherever the customer would like it positioned.

External or Internal Chimney System?

Most customer’s opt for the external chimney system. Typically, we position the woodburner against the wall and exit the flue at 45 degrees through the wall in order for the system to continue up adjacent to the side of the property. We normally supply black power coated twinwall system to reduce the visual impact, although the twinwall it is available in chrome. You have the option the flue the woodburner off the top of the stove travelling through the rooms above before exiting out of the roof. Internal twinwall chimney systems are generally a more expensive option and the flue needs to be boxed in within bedrooms.

A large area of plasterboard behind the stove was replaced with fireboard to comply with distance to combusibles regulations. The property was built before 2008 so no air vent was required.

The customer supplied the stove and installed the slate before our arrival. Thankfully, they chose a Ecosy Panoramic stove, which is one of our favourite 5kw Wood only woodburners.

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