Fireplace Renovation and Woodburner Installation at North Curry near Taunton

This project involved enlarging and renovating an old fireplace at North Curry near Taunton and in order to install a new Ecosy Snug Multi-Fuel woodburner and ceramic non-combustible mantel.

Many customers want the traditional look which consists of a woodburner in an open recess with a oak mantel positioned close above the woodburner. Generally this has been impractical due to distance to combustible requirements. However, we can now offer concreate or ceramic mantels which are non-combustible and ideal for this purpose.

View our range of concreate and ceramic mantels here.

Fireplace Renovation and Woodburner Installers in North Curry Before

Fireplace Before Renovation

Fireplace Renovation and Woodburner Installers in North Curry After

Fireplace After Renovation

Are you looking to enlarge your fireplace and install a woodburner?

There are several stages to completing this fireplace knockout and enlargement.

  • Step 1: We removed the old fireplace surround and hearth, it’s very heavy so cut into 2 for safe removal.

  • Step 2: Check supporting lintel requirements, before knocking out rubble.

  • Step 3: Excavate the recess rubble and return to original size or enlarge if possible.

  • Step 4: Install slate hearth on bed of sand/cement and install metalwork for registration plate.

  • Step 5: Install flexible liner before rendering sides or you can damage render

  • Step 6: Bond beading around recess to protect against knocks and PVA the chimney breast where bonding will be applied.

  • Step 7: Bond rest of chimney breast legs on each side of recess ready for plastering when dry

  • Step 8: Plaster chimney breast around damaged area

  • Step 9: Install Woodburner

  • Step 10: Drill holes for concreate / ceramic mantel and fix to wall with additional strong fixings.

We generally complete these fireplace renovations within a day to reduce hassle for customers.

Important– Always ask a HETAS certified installer or qualified builder before enlarging and knocking out a fireplace yourself for chimney structural advise.

If you are looking for a fireplace renovations or knockout then call us on 07715 104420 for a free survey and no-obligation quote.