HETAS Woodburner Installers in Rocknell near Tiverton

We installed this Defra approved Arada Solution 5 multi-fuel woodburner in a cottage in the village of Rocknell, The large open fireplace required a widescreen woodburner to compliment and the Solution 5 woodburner is perfect in this situation.

Woodburner installer in Rocknell Tiverton

The Arada Solution 5 woodburner is one of our favourite woodburners, not just because of its solid build quality, 10 year warranty, cast iron door and cast grate, but for its large glass window and great value.

Why do we always install a flexible liner?

As HETAS woodburner installers we always install a stainless steel flexible liner on every job. We can never be sure of the condition of an internal chimney and fit a liner as a precaution for safety reasons and efficiency. The liner provides an air tight barrier between the hot gases in the flue and the brickwork inside of your chimney, Therefore, reduces the chance of any of toxic gases escaping through cracks in the internal chimney brickwork into bedrooms or other rooms.

The liner attaches to the chimney cowl which is fixed on top of the chimney pot. The chimney cowl supports the weight of the liner and stops the rain and birds getting into flue or nesting around the pot.

What grade of liners do we use?

We typically install both 316 and 904 flexible liners depending on customers preferences. The 316 liner has a 10 year plus warranty and is ideal for most installations. We recommend the 904 double skin liner if burning coal regularly.

How often should I sweep my chimney?

We recommend sweeping your chimney at least once a year if only burning wood or a minimum of twice a year if burning coal.

Woodburner Clearance Distance to Combustibles

As HETAS installers we have to adhere to there critical installation specifications. The distance to combustile materials is one of our primary concern and we refer to both HETAS and stove manuals for minimum distances as every woodburner has different distances to combustibles.

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