Fireplace Renovation and Woodburner Installation in Glastonbury.

Cosy Stoves has been busy in Glastonbury during the past couple of weeks. This is the second fireplace renovation and enlargement we have completed with similar excellent results. This project involves renovating and enlarging a fireplace, before installing a woodburner in a property in Glastonbury.

Before Fireplace Enlargement, Knockout, Renovation in Glastonbury
Completed Woodburner Installation in Glastonbury

We initially excavated the fireplace recess before installing a Brazillian slate hearth, which we cut to size at the clients property. We then install the flexible liner and constructed a steel registration plate to seal off the chimney from soot and dust.

We generally render the inside with sand and cement to protect against the heat generated by the woodburner, followed by bonding and plastering around the recess.

The client opted for going off the top of the stove with 2 x 45 degree bends, rather than using a Ecosy rear adaptor. Click here to view a similar woodburner installation in Glastonbury using a rear flue adaptor.

Installing the Correct Size Woodburner

We installed the Ecosy Snug 5kw multi-fuel woodburner as looks proportionally correct in the space and will adequately heat the room..

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