We have enlarged and renovated many fireplaces and install woodburners for customers in Glastonbury.

The project can normally be completed within one day with little hassle and we strive to keep dust and mess to a minimum..

We initially provided a free suvey and quote to customer’s who want their fireplaces enlarged and a wood burner installed.

Before Fireplace Renovation in Glastonbury
After Fireplace Renovation in Glastonbury

Fireplace Enlargement and Renovation

We opened the fireplace recess to rhe orignal size and installed a slate hesrth and concreate lintel before rendering the inside the recess, followed by bonding and plastering around the opening.

You may note the woodburner has a rear adaptor due the insufficient depth of the chimney breast. The rear sweepable adapotor allows the woodburner to be swept essily through and still retains a straight vitreous pipe. it can be beneficial to add a rear adaptor to bring the stove into the room more and therefore provide more heat.

Choosing the right woodburner

We installed the Ecosy Snug multi-fuel.woodburner as it looks proportionally correct in the recess. We can supply most woodburning stoves, but recommed the correct stove based on the size or the fireplsce, room size, properties age and insulation qualities.

Free woodburner qqquotes and no-obligation surveys.

Call us on 07715 104420 if you’re looking for a fireplace renovstion and woodburner installation in Glastonbury.

The customer left excellent feedback and said “the job was done perfectly”.