Fireplace Renovation and Woodburner installation in Pawlett near Bridgwater

This project involved enlarging a recess in a chimney breast to install a Ecosy Panoramic woodburner.

We always install a concrete lintel and then excavated the brickwork before installing a flexible liner and registration plates to seal off the chimney, followed by rendering the inside with sand and cement to protect against the heat of the woodburner.

We generally install metal beading around the recess before bonding and plastering to finish.

Fireplace Renovation and rebuild in Pawlett

We always install a concrete lintel and then excavated the brickwork.

Sweeping Chimney before installation of woodburner

It is good practice to sweep the chimney before installing the flexible liner for the woodburner.

Finished woodburner installation

We are then ready to install the woodburner and carbon monoxide alarm.

We supplied and installed a slate hearth, which was cut to fit at the customers premises. This will enable us to tailor the width and depth of the hearth to minimise how much it protrudes into the room.

We also supplied and installed an oak mantel. We have many styles of oak mantels available and also a new range of concrete mantels for use closer to the woodburner.

We generally remove all rubble from the fireplace renovation as we are certified waste carriers and pay for it to be recycled.

We supply and install many Ecosy Panoramic woodburners as they have a wide 56cm screen and yet are 5kw so we can generally avoid adding an air vent (unless property is built after 2008), They are over 80% efficient and classed as SIA Eco Design Ready.

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