Fireplace Renovation & Woodburner Installation in West Bagborough near Taunton

This project involved restoring, renovating and enlarging an old chimney breast and then installing a slate hearth and new multi-fuel woodburner in West Bagborough near Taunton.

Fireplace renovation before

We initially excavated the old chimney breast and removed all the rubble and skirting board. We added a concrete lintel before removing an additional brick work from either side to increase the width to a more useable size.

Fireplace renovation after knockout but before plastering

The next step is to cut and lay the slate hearth to fit the woodburner’s required depth, a minimum of 225mm in front og the woodburner. We then added the beading around the edge of the recess and rendered the inside with sand and cement.

Completed fireplace renovation wait for plaster to dry before painting

We then plastered the area around the front of the recess and cut returns for the skirting board to finish. Once fully dry the customer can paint both the plaster and render with standard emulsion.

What distance should my wooden mantel be away from my woodburner?

In this installation we checked in advance that the wooden mantel would exceed the minimum 450mm distance to combustibles off the top of the woodburner as specified by HETAS. The distance to combustibles varies off the sides, rear and top of the stove including the vitreous pipe.

Distance to combustibles to Wooden Mantel from Woodburner

There are several ways to reduce the distance to combustibles from a stove and vitreous pipe:

  1. The obvious one is to increase the gap between the mantel and stove
  2. Purchase a convection stove which has reduced distanced to combustibles, in some cases as little as 50mm
  3. Use a heat shield such as fireboard with a minimum 12mm gap
  4. Instead of vitreous pipe use insulated twin wall pipe

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