Enlarge fireplace and Install Woodburner in Glastonbury

We were asked to remove an old woodburner with back boiler in a property in Glastonbury.

We initially remove the rubble and back fill to expose to original fireplace. The old back boiler stove was capped off and drained before we arrived.

The recess is rendered with sand and cement to protect against the heat of the woodburner, whilst the exterior was bonded and plastered to finish and ready to paint.

Fireplace before knockout
Fireplace Knockout and Renovation in Glastonbury
Completed fireplace enlargement woodburner installation Glastonbury

We installed a Brazillian slate hearth and Dartmoor 5kw Stove.

We no longer install old second hand stoves to new SIA clean are strategy regulations being enforced in 2022. The latest generation of woodburners are a different league in efficiency and produce over 80% less particulate emissions than a stove 10 years old or more.

The entire project was completed within a day.

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