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Twinwall Chimney Systems

No chimney, no problem…
We can install a twinwall chimney system in most properties.

It’s a double skinned stainless steel flue pipe that’s used as an alternative to a traditional masonry chimney.

Twinwall components can be expensive, but are available in both chrome and powdered black finish. We prefer the black finish as it doesn’t tarnish and is less visually prominent.

  • Option 1 – External Twinwall Chimney Systems
    It makes sense to install a flue pipe outside your property as usually cheaper, less intrusive space wise and easier to access for maintenance. We generally flue woodburners off the top of the stove, through your wall at 45 degrees and then up adjacent to the property and terminating above the guttering.
  • Option 2 – Internal Twinwall Chimney Systems
    If option 1 isn’t possible then we can flue off the top of the stove and straight up through the floors of a property and exit through the roof.
    * This is typically a more expensive option as requires more components and planning.

Yes, as long as you have a suitable location for your woodburner.

The corner of a room can be a good location as generally less likely for hearth to impede a walkway.

We often use a log store when positioned in the corner as less space for log basket etc and also the height can assist with fire being more visible.

We try to flue off the top of a stove in single storey property so the flue gases exit straight up and assists with draw.

Woodburner Positioning

Your HETAS installer would generally survey a property in advance in order to plan a route for your chimney system and to provide an accurate quote, especially if the flue system goes through several floors in your property.

  • Distance to combustibles
    The distance to combustibles from the stove are critical dimension, they need to be adhered to in order to receive the HETAS certificate and usually found in the stove manual or online. Commonly we have to consider plasterboard walls, wood skirting board and plastic window sills, sockets, curtains and furniture among more.
  • Check hearth requirements
    Stove hearth requirements can vary greatly, so please check the stove manual. Building regulations state you require a minimum of 225mm in front of the stove door and you need to follow the strictest regulations in either the manual or building regulations.

Twinwall Chimney Route Planning

  • Internal Twinwall Chimney Potential Obstacles
    Pipes, electrical wires and floor joists are a few of the obstacles you would need to avoid. HETAS regulations state that a twinwall chimney system has to be boxed in when routed through second floor rooms.
  • External Twinwall Chimney Potential Obstacles
    Check outside the property for satellite dishes, guttering, telephone cables, gas pipes, windows and trees which may affect the draw. Importantly take into consideration the flue gases, as they may cause a nuisance to you or neighbours, especially when windows are open.
  • Minimum 4.5m Flue Height
    You will need to consider the height of the flue system, the minimum height is generally 4.5m as to obtain a good draw and meet regulations. Also take into consideration the flue gases that exhaust from the cowl, as they may cause a nuisance to you or neighbours.

Twinwall installation quotes can vary significantly between installers.

I find many customers have no idea of the cost of a twinwall system and so here’s a rough guide.

Some factors which effect price include

  • The quality of the twinwall components and stove
  • The size of the company and staff overheads
  • The chosen route for the twinwall
  • Check the installer is HETAS certified

We provide excellent value twinwall installations using MI Flues professional powder black twinwall.

Twinwall components can cost £100’s per item as they need to be both airtight and fire resistant, and weather corrosive resistant for the life of the product.

The prices below are only a rough guide as the price for components increased over 40% in 2022.

Prices below are excluding VAT and DO NOT include a stove or hearth.

Please note we do not install chimneys in static caravans

There are additional costs to consider if you have plasterboard walls around stove as plasterboard is considered combustible and is generally replaced with fireboard.

If you have any questions please call 07715104420 for free survey and quote.

Woodburner Twinwall Chimney System Examples
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